1. Art and Culture Journalist since 1987; reporting events, participating in/assisting to manage cultural programmes around the world.

2. Art and Culture Activist since 1980; helping to shape national and international policies through seminars, conferences; and organising art festivals, projects;

3. Stage Actor, Manager, Director, producer on national and international productions e.g Agip Theatre Festival Italy 1987; Chieri International Theatre Festival, Italy 1992; Afrika Projekt 1996-2002 (Germany and Nigeria); Cervantino Festival in Mexico (2004); Gwanju Biennale South Korea (2005); Milan Film Festival (2005); Pant-African Film Festival, South Africa (1996); Real Life Film Festival, Accra (2005- to date); Nigerian International Film Festival (1992; 2002); French Film Festival, Tubingen, Germany as an International Jury (2008)etc etc 4. Programme Chairman, Committee for Relevant Art, CORA -- since 1991; co-directing the yearly Lagos Book and Art Festival since 1999 etc.

5. Served on Committes of the Commonwealth Foundation

6. Served on the Tony Blair Commission for Africa's sub-committee for Culture

7. Served on various British Council's Project Committes including INTERaction; UNESCO and World Bank (Sierra Leone, Liberia)

8. Edited The Guardian on Sunday (+The GuardianLIFE) -- March 2003- January 2013

9.Programme Head, Culture Advocates Caucus, CAC, organisers of WordSlam...

10. Currently diversifying into Film and Media Arts programming as member of West African Documentary Film Forum and Executive Director, iREP Film Festival

11. On the Board of Arts and Business Foundation, ABF

12. Consulting on various publications (magazines and books) regularly.

SPECIALITIES: Organising/Managing/ Directing Cultural Programes, Culture and Art Communication/Advocacy; Stimulating debates around the Arts and Culture, helping to define policy directions and actions for institutions and the country