The iREPRESENT International Documentary Film Festival in Lagos Nigeria, is an annual celebration of documentary filmmaking, showcasing the best of local and international talent. It holds in the third week of March annually. Founded in 2011 with a vision to promote social change and cultural dialogue through the medium of documentary films, the festival serves as a platform for filmmakers, scholars, and activists to engage with pressing issues of our time.

At the heart of iREPRESent is a commitment to amplifying voices often marginalized or overlooked by mainstream media. Through thought-provoking documentaries, the festival sheds light on social injustices, human rights issues, environmental concerns, and more, sparking important conversations and inspiring action. For filmmakers, the iREPRESent Film Festival provides a valuable opportunity to showcase their work to a diverse audience and connect with fellow creatives. It offers a space for networking, collaboration, and professional development, fostering a vibrant community of storytellers committed to making a difference.

Scholars also benefit from the festival's rich program of panel discussions, workshops, and masterclasses, where they can delve into the art and impact of documentary filmmaking. From exploring new storytelling techniques to analyzing the role of documentaries in shaping public discourse, iREPRESent offers a stimulating environment for academic inquiry and research. Furthermore, iREPRESent serves as a catalyst for activism, empowering audiences to become agents of change in their own communities. By shining a spotlight on pressing social issues, the festival inspires viewers to take action, whether through grassroots organizing, advocacy campaigns, or supporting the work of local NGOs. In a world increasingly dominated by sound bites and sensationalism, iREPRESent celebrates the power of documentary filmmaking to inform, educate, and inspire, reminding us of the importance of bearing witness to the complexities of the human experience. We are more than a showcase of films, we are a vibrant hub of creativity, critical thinking, and activism. By bringing together filmmakers, scholars, and activists from around the world, the festival fosters meaningful dialogue and collective action to drive positive change in society.

The Conceptual framework of iREPRESENT Documentary Film Forum is AFRICA IN SELF-CONVERSATION, and it is designed to promote awareness about the power of documentary format to serve as a means of deepening and sharing social and cultural education as well as encouraging participatory democracy in our societies. iREP is conceptualized to create a platform of awareness and expression for aspiring and practising filmmakers who are creating socially relevant documentary films to positively impact our world. To fully engage an array of trans-cultural creativity, iREP will provide a forum for everyone’s ingenuity to be showcased without prejudice to style or subject. iREP celebrates the ever-expanding world of documentary films by inviting talents from across the globe to share ideas on trends and technological advancements in the format.


The Africa World Documentary Film Festival (AWDFF) is an annual event that celebrates the rich cultural diversity of Africa through the medium of documentary filmmaking. Established by Prof. Niyi Coker, a distinguished figure in the realm of film and academia, AWDFF serves as a platform for filmmakers to showcase their works, fostering dialogue and understanding about the continent's myriad stories and perspectives. In partnership with the IREPRESENT International Film Festival Lagos, AWDFF extends its reach and impact, engaging with filmmakers and audiences alike to promote the art of documentary filmmaking and highlight the social and cultural issues facing Africa and the world at large. Through the vision and dedication of Prof. Niyi Coker, AWDFF continues to be a vital force in amplifying African voices on the global stage..


AgDok is Germany's largest film association! with about 900 members, filmmakers of all professions and genres such as directors, producers, authors, editors, sound and cameramen are organized and enjoy a professional network with rapid mutual support and efficient foreign distribution of German documentary films, presentations of German documentary films at foreign festivals and trade fair participation.


The West African Documentary Film forum is an outfit dedicated to the production, post-production, archiving and distribution of documentary films. The forum seeks to encourage the emergence of new voices in documentary filmmaking and new scholarships on the medium.


About 150 documentary filmmakers from across Africa came together in October 2001 at the People-2-People Documentary Conference held in Johannesburg, South Africa, and decided it was “time for African filmmakers to do things for themselves”. A joint resolution that emerged after the three-day conference created a new organization, Documentary Network Africa (DNA), and the participating filmmakers agreed “to work together to create a network and process to empower both our own storytelling and each other”. The vision of Documentary Network Africa is “to promote the importance of African documentary in the genre, and to use this to promote our view of Africa”
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