Celebrating the Legacy of IREP

FOR over a decade, the IREPRESENT International Documentary Film Festival has brought together diverse stakeholders from various fields - filmmakers, scholars, activists, cultural anthropologists, public policy experts, and even digital technologists. We have intentionally facilitated cross-disciplinary dialogue and collaboration to enrich the storytelling process and broaden the understanding and impact of documentary filmmaking in Africa.

Indeed, IREP has fostered vital collaboration between filmmakers and activists, bridging the gap between art and activism. We have not just been a film festival but a transformative force bringing together sundry stakeholders to reimagine the possibilities of impact filmmaking in the digital age. Together we are harnessing documentary’s power to engage, question, debate, inform, and inspire change. And through our legacy theme of ‘Africa in Self-Conversation’, we hope that IREP has contributed to a more nuanced understanding of the continent's diverse cultures, histories, and challenges.

On occasion of the 10th anniversary edition in 2020, we planned to publish a book of essays by distinguished participants, keynote speakers and contributors of the IREP community to serve as a testament to the festival's legacy and vision. The reflections capture the essence of IREP's impact over its first decade, highlighting its role in sparking meaningful conversations, preserving cultural heritage, and driving social change. However, the sudden burst of COVID19 pandemic which led to the last-minute cancellation of the 10th anniversary edition, truncated the idea. The proposed publication remains a priority for the Board of Trustees, and shall be realized in due course. We are delighted to share a few of the reflections here. Thank you!

Executive Director, iREP

NB: Editorial note: the original caption of the individual articles have been modified to reflect the simple theme: “iREP Is…” which is a deliberate choice to capture the place of the festival in the Nigerian and African film universe.


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